Steve Cale - Artist

Welcome to my gallery

I always loved to draw as far back as I can remember. From the age of around 9 my parents would take me on long walks in the countryside with a walking club & it was here on these walks that I began to notice wildlife & particularly birds. When I was around 12 we went on a family holiday to the Lake District & here in a field next to where we were staying was a field full of strange large birds with downcurved bills & haunting, lonely calls given in flight as they came & went from the field in which they were nesting. These were Curlews & my lifelong passion was born. Very soon after I became interested began to draw the birds I was seeing. Encouraged by my mother at first with no real plan or reason other than to create a few pictures that she could hang on the wall. It very soon dawned on me that as I drew the information I saw I learned & I began to keep sketch books, which I still do to this day over 100 volumes on.

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